Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Mermaid

So this year I decided to let all my scales show, but sport legs instead of my tail! My arms and legs were also done to match. I also coloured the tips of my hair green! At the end of my night it took almost an hour to remove all the makeup.

I based this look off of two tutorials I found on YouTube which were extremely helpful! < Traci Hines with Etsy < MissChievous

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Epic Mermaid Update!

Alright folks! I know it's been a really long while since I've posted anything here and I'm sorry for keeping you all out of the "loop."

First I would like to thank everyone who has subscribed to me through Blogger and Youtube and for all of the "likes" I've gotten on Facebook! You guys are the best!

The 5th Annual Boat Show at Mosquito Creek Marina was a huge success for me and I had so much fun meeting everyone! Thank you so very much to all the staff who helped me throughout the event! I have never met so many enthusiastic and wonderful people! It was truly a pleasure working with you all!

I have posted pictures from the event on my website (, flickr (see the left column) and on my Facebook page! A few select ones (my favourites) are posted below.

Also I would like to report that my swim buddy Kim (one of my awesome underwater photographers) has recently tried out one of my tails for a few videos and has decided to join the crew! She is such a natural and I look forward to helping her create her very first mermaid tail over the coming months!

In mermaid tail news, I can report that I have recently started the preparations for my latest tail! Today was a big day of measuring, cutting and sewing! A huge thanks to the ever awesome Pearson Report for all the help with the technical side of the sewing! You rock!

OK! Here are some of my favourite photos from the event!

Here are the latest YouTube videos of me and my friend Mermaid Kim!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Keep on swimming!