Sunday, July 31, 2011

Effect Change Challenge

So? How did everyone do with the Effect Change Challenge this month? Were you all extra careful to use your reusable bags? Did any of you manage to cut back on your plastic bag usage or even switch to biodegradable bags?

I would love to hear back from anyone who participated! Was this an easy switch for you or was it more than a little difficult? Let's hear from you!

Effect Change Challenge - August 2011

So for this month's Effect Change Challenge, I would like to see you all participate (in any way possible, big or small) in cleaning up our neighbourhood parks (especially beaches and areas with bodies of water). This can be as simple as noticing a newspaper that's been tossed on the ground and recycling it! Or it can be as big as getting a group of your buddies together and taking a trip to your local beach, lake or river and bring buckets and tongs to do a serious clean up!

Any effort you can make to help clean up and spread the word about taking care of/learning to respect our planet would be amazing!

We all have the power to effect change!

A huge thank-you from this Vancouver Mermaid to all of you who have been participating!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Blue Mermaid

Here is the last mermaid of the group! You guys were close on guessing where my artistic inspiration comes from, but I'm still curious to see who can guess where these three characters come from? They are three of my favourite mermaids from when I was a kid!

Here is the hint I gave in reply to the Pink Mermaid:

These ladies are based off of three underwater women from a film that came out in 1991 directed by Steven Spielberg.

Keep guessing guys!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pink Mermaid

A painting of a pink mermaid to go with the green one! I am still planning on doing one more (a blue mermaid) and I would be very curious to see if anyone here can guess where my inspiration for these three ocean beauties comes from! So if you think you know, post a reply!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Green Mermaid

A painting of a green mermaid I did in Photoshop!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

World Mermaid Awards Entry Film

Here is my entry for the World Mermaid Awards!

CETFA: 4 Barn Fires in 4 Days

As a member of CETFA (Canadians for Ethical Treatment of Food Animals), I have received the following email from Twyla Francois (our lead investigator) and thought it was important to share.

Please note that I am copying and pasting this exactly as it appears in the email.

Dear CETFA Supporters,
In just the last 4 days, 4 barn fires in Canada have claimed the lives of over 23,000 animals.

These fires are completely preventable but because factory farms are set up to be as automated as possible, routine chores like cleaning vents and light fixtures go undone. Additionally, the toxic air in today's confinement facilities from the waste of thousands to tens of thousands of animals corrode electrical wires raising the risk of fire. Add to this the fact that many of the animals involved in barn fires in Canada are confined to barren metal gestation crates, concrete pens or battery cages, escape becomes all but impossible.

Please, write letters to the editor of papers and post comments on on-line news sources that cover these fires. Indicate that the vast majority of animals involved in barn fires in Canada are confined and that the only measures that give these animals any hope of survival are on-site smoke sensors and sprinkler systems which must be retrofitted into existing barns.

Thank you all for standing with us in defending Canada's farm animals!

Please help us on our mission to stop these horrifying fires. Remember that these animals, while they may be raised for our consumption, still deserve our respect as living beings with whom we share this planet.

Thanks everyone!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lighthouse Park Adventure

The sun finally decided to come out on Saturday for a little while to warm up Vancouver just enough that heading out for a mermaiding adventure was in order!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for pictures and to say hi! Also, a big thanks to Pearson Report for taking fabulous footage as always!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some humans....

Some humans are very disappointing...

Today on my way to work, as I was walking down the street, I saw a man take two McDonalds paper bags and toss them out his car window and onto the street. I was so stunned that all I could do was stare in disbelief. The man noticed me starring in shock and said the following, "F*** you, you stupid b****." At that point I had no idea what to say. I hadn't done anything wrong except look and be very disappointed with what I was witnessing.

So I kept walking until the rage started to build up and I turned around and yelled back to him something like, "Well it's your planet too you know!"

What a way to start my day! I really hope that guy learns his lesson. I hope he gets caught and fined for his stupidity and complete disregard for our planet.

Please don't litter!


Also! Please remember to participate in this month's Effect Change Challenge! I know a lot of your are already working hard to make a difference, but lets try to be even more careful to use our reusable bags and make the extra effort to find places to recycle our plastic bags!

Thanks to everyone who has been participating! Go team!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Photo Fun!

I was just having fun looking through all of my photos to date and thought it might be fun to share!

Photos from Queen Elizabeth Park

Just a few photos from my mermaid adventure at Queen Elizabeth Park on Sunday. Thanks to Pearson Report for taking the photos!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mermaid Adventures

Here's a video of a few of my recent adventures! Thanks so much to Pearson Report for taking the fantastic footage!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mermaid at the Pool Part II

More of my adventures at my favourite pool! This video is also in HD this time since I finally have iMovie 2011! So please make sure you switch it from 360p to 720p once you hit play! Enjoy!

Thanks so much to Kim Walker for taking the footage! Thanks also to Pearson Report for helping me out with my Mac!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mermaid at the Pool

My latest mermaiding adventure was at my favourite pool! Something truly magical happened while I was swimming... There were three or four times when my eyes actually came into focus and I was able to see more clearly then I have ever been able to before! I was truly amazing!

Thank you so much to for helping me out with the footage!

A Sad Tuesday

I was reading, in my morning copy of 24H > News Vancouver on my way to work, that a 2 year old police dog named Bo was killed yesterday morning in a car accident on his way to a call with his handler. All those involved in the accident were unharmed, except Bo, he was killed on impact.

I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of the important role that these canine heroes play in our lives and that without them, who would be there to rescue the child trapped under debris? Who would be there to protect us against bomb threats and drug trafficking? Who would be there to lick your feet in the morning because you refuse to hear your alarm clock going off? Who would be there?

This is tragic loss, one that didn't have to happen. So the next time you are cruising along and don't pull over when you seen a police car, ambulance or fire truck with their sirens/lights going, I want you to remember this story.

Think of the lives that could be saved, if we all slowed down.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Adventure Photos

I apologize in advance for the quality of these photos since Blogger likes to totally destroy my JPGs. For better quality photos, check them out on my Flickr account! Thanks!

A HUGE thank you to Pearson Report for taking these amazing photos! You're the best!

The First Ocean Adventure

This was my very first ocean swim in my newest tail. It was absolutely amazing! It's something I've dreamed off my whole life, and it's finally real!

Thank you so much to Pearson Report for taking this excellent footage!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Here's a little behind the scenes collage of me getting into my tail! Thanks to Pearson Report for taking such awesome photos!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Effect Change Challenge - July 2011

I've finally figured out how I am going to start off with the many conservation projects I've had floating in my mind! I'm going to start off with a short story about something that happened to me yesterday on my way to work and then I am going to ask you all for a small favor that can potentially have a large, very positive effect on our oceans.

Yesterday, on my way to work, I came across a dead crow. It's perfect, undamaged little body was in the lane of the parking lot of the studio where I work. I was stunned. Even now I can't really explain what I felt when I saw it. I just knew I had to do something to move it so that it wouldn't get crushed by the four or five other cars that would likely be parking in the lot within the next fifteen to twenty minutes.

Just across the way is the Vancouver SPCA and I figured that if anyone would be able to help me, it would be them! So off I went! Of course the main part of the SPCA isn't open until 10am, so I ran over to the vet clinic instead. I was given a number to call and that was it. Not good enough! So I asked that they give me gloves, a bag and a towel (since at this point I wasn't actually certain that the crow was dead). I was pretty disappointed with the reaction of the woman helping me. Don't misunderstand me, she was friendly and did give me what I asked for, but it was pretty clear that this dead or dying animal wasn't worth more effort than a phone call so someone else could deal with it.

Within a few minutes I was back at the lot and it was pretty clear now that the crow wasn't alive. I spread out the towel, put on the gloves and gently scooped up the crows body and placed it in the middle of the towel. Physically it looked fine, it's feathers were in good condition, it's eyes were still clear and from what I could tell it hadn't been dead long. Why did it die? What had happened? Above me on the ledge of the building, a group of crows were calling and looking at me. It was a little unnerving...

After taking a moment to say a few words quietly to myself and to the crow, I disposed of his body as nicely as I could with the tools I had.

So what is my point? My point is that people have no respect for life that isn't human. We are all taught that human life is sacred and that when a human dies, this is something sad, a loss. Well my question to you dear readers is what makes the crow's life any different? Just because they are considered a "nuisance" and that there are approximately 38 million of them in the world? Well at a whopping 6+ billion humans there are plenty out there that I (and many others) would consider to be nuisances too!

So what makes the crow different? Think about it.

Effect Change Challenge - July 2011

So for this month's Effect Change Challenge, I would like to ask you all to think about the number of plastic bags you use in a month and where you think they end up. I would like to challenge you all to really make an effort this month to use your reusable cloth bags and avoid the use of plastic bags!

I would also like to give you a tip! There are companies out there that are making biodegradable plastic bags in a variety of shapes and sizes! Why not try them out? Also remember that you can use sandwich bags more than once! Don't just toss them after one use! Try to rinse them out and use them again!

Together we can make a difference!