Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Mermaid

So this year I decided to let all my scales show, but sport legs instead of my tail! My arms and legs were also done to match. I also coloured the tips of my hair green! At the end of my night it took almost an hour to remove all the makeup.

I based this look off of two tutorials I found on YouTube which were extremely helpful! < Traci Hines with Etsy < MissChievous

Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. Very original and cute too!

  2. @ Carole & Bouncin' Barb: Thanks you guys! It was a lot of fun to do! :D I'm hoping to get more pics tonight that will include some of my friends and me in my pirate costume too!

  3. Cool and more cool! Cool with a cherry on top! was even cooler seeing it in person - go me!

    Hugs, Mootastic - ruler of the 11th Moo-Kingdom (one more than the 10th Kingdom)