Friday, September 16, 2011

Free Morgan

Just because you saved her life, doesn't mean you own it!

I have recently become aware of a situation in the Netherlands that started over a year ago about an Orca named Morgan. If you are not aware of what has been happening, here are some very important links that I highly recommend you check out:

Let me summarize as best as I can based off of what I have read and heard…

Near death, Morgan was rescued off the coast of the Netherlands. It was originally said that she would be rehabilitated and then released back into the wild. She is being kept in a tiny tank and taught behaviors that are inappropriate if she is ever to be released back into the wild. This poor little Orca may very well end up a slave to SeaWorld’s entertainment and breeding needs.

Humans are known for our need to control the things we create, help, donate to and so on. We can’t even control this urge to control among ourselves, family members, our pets and other humans! How can we possibly understand that Morgan doesn’t owe us anything? We, as the dominant species on this planet, have a responsibility her and all the creatures we share this world with.

I would like to think that we evolved into the “intelligent” beings that we are to become the protectors of our world, not the destroyers of it…

Also! If you have not already signed the latest Free Morgan petition, please do so! Every signature makes a difference! Thank-you!

Help Morgan Live Free Petition

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