Friday, August 5, 2011

WMA Updated

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone has been having a wonderful week so far! I've been dealing with a lot of unfortunate things over the past few days - which is why I haven't been posting much - but I will hopefully have things sorted soon! Thanks for all the likes on Facebook and to the new followers on my blog! You guys make it all worth while!

So I figure, since everything has now come out in the open anyway, that I would give you all the update on what has beeb happening with the World Mermaid Awards which I will no longer be attending for many good reasons.

Sita Lange and her Maui Mermaids have now been removed from my site and as soon as everything has been sorted and my tickets refunded, I will be removing myself from the mer-community entirely.

I am a mermaid for two main reasons, to have fun and to raise awareness for the big issues surrounding our planet. Had I realized the drama and the unprofessional manner with which the WMA was being organized, I never would have paid to attend or offered any help to Sita in any way.

For those of you who don't follow the mer community, I had recently revamped the WMA blog and created a new website for Sita Lange, with her written permission, to help her get the right information out to our fellow mers. I had also been in contact with the Silverton Hotel to get the right information so when people ask me (which has been happening quite a lot lately) I can give them the correct, up-to-date information which was not being provided by Sita and has still yet to be given.

I am also very upset to report that she has yet to give the information on where the part of the money she has been supposedly putting aside for charity will be going. This disappoints me greatly.

I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who have been supporting me through this difficult time. I really do appreciate it! I am so hurt and disappointed about this whole thing, but I'm not going to let it get in the way of my mission to help our planet!

Thank you to everyone who has participating in the Effect Change Challenges and doing their part to make a change, together we can make a difference!


  1. Well, Miss Mermaid, I guess you'll have to start in the cooler parts of the Pacific Ocean and maybe it will spread south. Just imagine what you can do in your own fair city!

  2. Carole's right...let's start at home. anyone reading this...I can verify Courtney's concerns as I too was in contact with both the Mirage and Silverton in search of confirmation news - none existed as recent as August 2nd.

    Shameful the way this whole event has played out!

    Courtney, my dear, chin up...let cooler waters prevail.

    Hugs, your Mer-Moo


  3. Hello,
    I just came across your blog while searching for info on Sita Lange. Has Sita refunded your money? I am very upset because she owes me $180 - I had bought tickets for the event in August, and then when everything turned out to be a chaotic mess, I told her I wanted my money back and she emailed me and said yes ok. I am still waiting, and it seems she has blown me off..
    Erin Booher

  4. Hi Erin!

    No, I did not end up asking for a refund though I do also deserve one. Everyone seems to have their opinions about the WMAs and I seem to step on toes every time I open my mouth to say something about it.

    Though I had a wonderful time, I was very disappointed with many things. Sita Lange is by far the most unprofessional person I have ever dealt with. I am not trying to be mean, for me this is simply the truth. Everyone is entitled to have their thoughts on the matter.

    As for your situation I am not sure what to suggest. I am so very sorry to hear about your predicament.

    I have heard of a lot of other people dealing with the same situation. It is really unsettling. She is not a team player at all.

    All I can do is wish you luck and hope that she finds it within herself to change her ways and refund you your money.

    If you don't mind keeping in touch with me and letting me know how it all works out, I would very much appreciate it!

    Good luck!