Monday, August 29, 2011

Animal Harvest - 24H Vancouver

I read something really upsetting in this morning's edition of 24H Vancouver about the Animal Harvest. According to the article I read, Vancouver has become "Canada's No. 1 gateway for smuggled animal parts." There was a pictures on the inside page of four sharks that had been finned alive and thrown back into the ocean to drown at the bottom of the sea.

The article goes on to speak about a variety of other parts of a variety of other animals (including many endangered species) that have been smuggled into and out of Vancouver.

This is a tragedy. This is sad. Throwing sharks overboard after having their fins very painfully removed and left to drown... I can't picture anything more horrifying.

The article also says that, "Vancouver's port and the city's large Asian community make it the gateway for illegal imports from Asia." It talks about how it is driven by the Chinese market, food delicacies and medicine use.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, please feel free to share!


  1. Excellent post - I applaud you for bringing attention to this issue.

    Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, was on the news this morning encouraging Canadians to sign a petition making it illegal to bring shark fins into this country.

    I will be looking into this.

    You know, what bugs me most about this Shark Fin thing is the inhuman way these bastard fishermen discard a living animal. At least kill it - and further can't the rest of the shark be used - if indeed it needs to be killed at all.

    My wish, truly, is to see these bastard fishermen, along with people that support their efforts by using these horrifically gain parts, de-limbed and tossed into the ocean. Hopefully a few sharks would be around to further dismember them.

    It utterly infuriates and disgusts me. Totally!

    There you have uncensored opinion!

  2. @Pearson Report: Way to go Mum!
    I feel exactly the same way! Most humans are so afraid of sharks and yet most people don't know anything about them! Sharks may be more dangerous than humans if you were to consider sticking a hungry shark and human together in the same tank, but do you know that more sharks are killed each year by humans than humans are killed or attacked by sharks? Well, it's true!

    We have a much larger and much more negative effect on sharks than they could ever possibly have on us. AND THEY WERE HERE FIRST.

    Where is the respect!? Why do humans feel so superior!? It really disgusts me...

  3. I'm going to add some fuel to the fire here Miss Mermaid. There are always two sides to a story. Life is complicated. Lots of grey areas.

    You know that many people worldwide use Chinese remedies as an alternative to using prescription medicines. Many of these remedies are made from animal parts. Now imagine your child had a medical problem that has not been helped by prescription medicines and the best option available is Chinese medicines. What would you do? Save your child or save the animal?

    I too am disgusted by the waste and treatment of animals by human beings. Big business has a major role in it but so do we as individuals.

  4. Carole: I definitely appreciate your comment!

    In my eyes (being someone who does live with a few medical problems of my own) I could never justify senselessly hacking away at a living creature and leaving it alive to die in the most inhumane manner for my own benefit. Health benefits aside, this is absolutely no way for any creature to be treated. Where is the respect? These are among our world's top predators and we kill them without so much as a second thought!

    Killing sharks in this manner is horrifying, unnecessary and unsustainable. At the rate humans are going there will be no sharks left! We will have destroyed one of the most delicate balances that hold our oceans together! We need sharks, whether we realize it or not.

    What kind of a future do our children have anyway if we leave them a world that we've stripped clean for our own use?

    We share this world with them. We are gifted with great intelligence and as such the many souls we share this world with look to us to maintain the balance that we all need to survive. We must learn to understand and respect this balance before it is too late.

    Let us not forget some of the most important words in our history, "With great power comes great responsibility."