Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Sad Tuesday

I was reading, in my morning copy of 24H > News Vancouver on my way to work, that a 2 year old police dog named Bo was killed yesterday morning in a car accident on his way to a call with his handler. All those involved in the accident were unharmed, except Bo, he was killed on impact.

I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of the important role that these canine heroes play in our lives and that without them, who would be there to rescue the child trapped under debris? Who would be there to protect us against bomb threats and drug trafficking? Who would be there to lick your feet in the morning because you refuse to hear your alarm clock going off? Who would be there?

This is tragic loss, one that didn't have to happen. So the next time you are cruising along and don't pull over when you seen a police car, ambulance or fire truck with their sirens/lights going, I want you to remember this story.

Think of the lives that could be saved, if we all slowed down.


  1. That is a very sad story and a very good point you make at the end. So many just don't know what to do and make it worse.

  2. Great post - makes me think how important it is to buckle in our pets.

    So often I see dogs hanging their heads out of the window while sitting on the driver's lap and I wonder what is that person thinking. Yah, I used to be on of them, but then I got smart (can happen, you know) so now I buckle Lucky in and I focus on driving.

    In the "olden" days, there weren't all the distractions - cell phones, fancy music decks and docks, GPS gadgets, coffee to go - who has a hand free for the steering wheel now. Plus there's so many more cars on the road that you have to wonder why there aren't more accidents.

    Thanks for sharing your morning read!

    Jenny (parental unit supreme)

  3. @Bouncin' Barb: It's very true! People are just in too much of a rush to get nowhere fast!

    @Moo: Bo was in his crate in the back. I wish they could buckle in their dogs. I don't know what their policy is on that.

    I also agree that there are way too many distractions nowadays. People need to wake up and realize that the text message can wait.

  4. Courtney, your "Moo", is it? asked that we check your blog out, but I must say, I would have found it eventually, being that I have a thing for Mermaids. Consider me a loyal old/new friend.

    Sorry about the pooch, by the way. It is sad, as animals become members of the family for most.

  5. @ib: Hey ib! Thanks for following! I'm happy to have you aboard! You can consider me a friend right back! :) Us mer-fans have to stick together! ;)

    Yes, this is a very sad loss of life. :(