Sunday, July 31, 2011

Effect Change Challenge

So? How did everyone do with the Effect Change Challenge this month? Were you all extra careful to use your reusable bags? Did any of you manage to cut back on your plastic bag usage or even switch to biodegradable bags?

I would love to hear back from anyone who participated! Was this an easy switch for you or was it more than a little difficult? Let's hear from you!

Effect Change Challenge - August 2011

So for this month's Effect Change Challenge, I would like to see you all participate (in any way possible, big or small) in cleaning up our neighbourhood parks (especially beaches and areas with bodies of water). This can be as simple as noticing a newspaper that's been tossed on the ground and recycling it! Or it can be as big as getting a group of your buddies together and taking a trip to your local beach, lake or river and bring buckets and tongs to do a serious clean up!

Any effort you can make to help clean up and spread the word about taking care of/learning to respect our planet would be amazing!

We all have the power to effect change!

A huge thank-you from this Vancouver Mermaid to all of you who have been participating!


  1. Here in our county of South Carolina, we don't have trash pick up. We have to go to a recycling center so all plastic goes in a recycling bin, cardboard and paper in another and even yard waste in another. It kind of forces you to be conscious of it. And keeps the taxes lower.

  2. @Bouncin' Barb: Wow! No trash pick up? I wish our recycling centres were better advertised or something; making it easier for people to recycle things that you can't put out in the regular bins. I agree that it also makes people more conscientious of what is going where. Definitely interesting!

  3. We've been doing this for years. I save worms from certain death on pathways too.