Monday, May 2, 2011

Swimming Adventures!

Mum and I went swimming yesterday afternoon and had a blast! My Mum is such a natural in the water which makes it really fun to swim with her! We both had our flippers and were having all kinds of fun twirling around and doing somersaults and back flips in the water and seeing how far we could swim underwater on a single breath of air. It was so much fun! Mum and I are an awesome team!

AND in other news, I held my breath for 1 minute and 16 seconds today between my old record by one whole second! Woo! It was the longest second of my life!! It's getting easier and easier to hold my breath for 1 minute. I feel less discomfort and up until 45 seconds I don't feel anything (though sometimes I really want to yawn).

I also made it the length of the lanes portion of the pool which happens the be the farthest I've ever been able to swim underwater on a single breath of air. It was fully awesome!

Now I just need to exercise the muscles that block airflow through my nose. I think I've finally figured out how, but now doing it while swimming seems to be a bit of a different story for me... Ha ha! Well, I'm back in the water on Wednesday to practice so hopefully I figure it out!

Have a happy Monday everyone!


  1. We did rock the pool, didn't we!
    You were awesome with that full length swim underwater - I'm soooooo jealous!
    I'm holding my breath while I'm writing this - lots of typos! Thank god for the backspace key.

    I got new flippers and I can't wait to get in the pool and use them. I think I might head over tonight or tomorrow, we'll see.

    But I think we need to make Sunday the tag-team night - hey!

    Love and Hugs, Moo-almost fantastic (you're the fantastic one now!)

  2. Wow, I'm trying to picture you swimming underwater in your beautiful swimwear...................