Thursday, April 28, 2011

A little concerned...

Well now the website for the World Mermaid Awards has disappeared entirely... I'm not sure what's happening and I wasn't clever enough to write down the email address last night when I had the chance. If anyone knows what the scoop is, please let me know!

On a happier note, swimming was absolutely awesome! The goggles worked out OK, but I'm going to have to get something to help the fog issue. As for the earplugs, they were unbelievable! I have never felt quite so comfortable in the water as I did last night. I didn't have to worry about water in my ears and I was still able to hear people when they were talking to me (people being my awesome boyfriend Eric).

I was able to swim SO FAST and do all kinds of spins and tricks! It was amazing! I felt like I was dreaming or something! Now if only I could master the whole not-getting-water-up-my-nose situation. Ha ha.

I'm going swimming again on Saturday with my buddy Nicole so hopefully I'll have a bit more practice time!



  1. Very exciting! Now I want to see a video along with your pictures!
    I thought spit was supposed to help with fog. Is that not true?

  2. @ Carole: Yeah! When I have more footage, I'll be sure to put a little something together! :D

    I can't say that I've ever tried spit before. I guess I could give it a go though! Ha ha! :D