Saturday, March 5, 2011

World Mermaid Awards 2011

I was surfing YouTube as I often do, checking out the latest and greatest in Merfolk tails when I came across something that seriously caught my eye! The very first annual World Mermaid Awards 2011 are being held in Las Vegas!! AND there's a really good chance I'm going to get to go and be a part of all the excitement and good times! (Thanks to my awesome Mum who has always supported me and my crazy adventures!)

Can you believe this is actually happening!? I can't!! I have been waiting for something like this my entire life! And now it's actually happening for real! Not only that, but my new tail should be ready in time for the event! I can't wait!

I've had a few minor set backs with the ordering as it seems some of the websites are a little unfriendly when it comes to shipping to Canada. Oh well! I am as determined as ever and with the help of my wonderful Mum, I should be ordering everything I need by the beginning of next week! So hopefully I will be back on track soon! Keep your fingers crossed!

Keep on swimming!


  1. One day when I was swimming I came across a Mermaid who was surrounded by little children all asking, "Are you a real mermaid?" and of course she answered the truth...
    "Yes, I am!"
    It was then that I realized if you are living your dream then it is real and it is the truth.

    Keep living your dreams my sweetpea, never ever let anyone say otherwise. Without dreams there is no reality.

    You are my pride and joy!
    Love, Moo (aka Mer-Moo)

  2. Aw! Thanks Moo! AND! Thank you SO much for all your help with the ordering and finding of what I need for this next big project! I'm so excited to get started!