Thursday, March 10, 2011

Swim Night and Old Tail Report

Last night was my swim night and my boyfriend and I hit the pool at around 7:30pm. We had a ton of fun as always and since we ended up staying a little longer (after all the little kids went home), I was able to really stretch out my tail and make a few observations and take a few mental notes.

Most of these are things I already know about my tail (after all, I have been swimming in it for almost 4 years now).

For anyone thinking of making a tail out of spandex (like my old tail), be absolutely sure that the fabric is 2 way stretch and NOT 4 way stretch! And have the stretch go horizontally NOT vertically! This is so very important! I noticed as I was swimming that my tail was getting longer past my flippers... The drag kept getting worse and worse to the point where I had to stop to pull it up again!

I think either sewing both flippers into a single pocket or two separate pockets (that go all the way around the flipper instead of only part of the way) is also important so that the flippers don't get stuck in the fabric as you move.

A zipper is also going to be a HUGE improvement since at the moment my tail is made up of two pieces and is a real nuisance to get in and out of especially if the tail is already wet.

I think my biggest hurdle will be a top. I'm not so much into the whole seashell bra concept. I need something with a little more substance if you know what I mean! I like to be able to swim without worrying about what I'm wearing!

I really liked the length of my current flippers, but they are so uncomfortable that I have to stop to take foot-rubbing breaks! I think I need to find something where the whole foot is covered and not just with the strap at the back. Yup. Comfort is a good thing!

Other than all that, I had a great swim last night and was very excited that a few people came over to ask me questions about my tail! I love that people are curious and excited to see me swim! It really adds to the fun of it all!

Also! I've been doing breathing exercises for about a week now and am happy to report that I can comfortably hold my breath for 45 secs and a little less comfortably for 1 min! My record so far is 1 min 6 sec! Underwater is a bit of a different story, but so far I am between 25 and 30 sec while powering through the water. If I am swimming slowly I can hold it for a little longer.

Still a work in progress!


  1. coolio julio!

    i can hold my breath for about 5 seconds...

    damn those cigarettes...

  2. Thanks! It's kind of weird for me, but I am able to hold my breath longer with less discomfort if I "warm up" by holding my breath for 45 seconds a few times in a row and then go for the long hold! Crazy right?

  3. Hey CP - (hi Bruce too!)

    I love the write-up! Very informative. Too bad about the stretch problem, but before you know it the new fabric will be here and then look out (little shriek of excitment) I can hardly stand the waiting...I'm like a little kid!

    Keep working on expanding those lungs - I guess since you didn't cry much as a baby they aren't well stretched!

    I'm going to start holding my breath too and see if I can manage it for more then Bruce's 5 seconds - okay Bruce the challange is on!!

    Big Hugs and Mega-Moo Love!

  4. I wish I had seen you swimming with your tail. How many seconds are you aiming to hold your breath for?

  5. My ultimate goal is 2 minutes while swimming, but I will be very happy settling for 1 minute while swimming! ^^