Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paint Research!

So the material has arrived and Moo and I will be picking it up on Thursday evening!

Since I have finally come to the point where I will need to be thinking about paints and such, I've started to do a little bit of research.

So far it looks to me like Permaset Aqua Supercover Fabric Screen Printing Ink is going to be my best bet. It sounds to me, based on what I've read and heard from others, that this paint should be able to withstand a fair bit of love in the water and still retain its stretch. I am interested since of the paints/inks I've looked at, this one seems to have the largest variety in terms of colour choices.

I am also really interested in this paint since, unlike many others, it also happens to be the most environmentally friendly and 100% solvent free.

This is really exciting for me since I was getting a little worried about what types of paint to use. I can't take all the credit for this discovery however! It is thanks to Hannah Fraser who posted a little bit of a Q & A section on her site with a small amount of info on her blue tail and some of the materials she has used in the past.

Thank you Hannah, you truly are an inspiration!

ALSO! A HUGE thanks to my very awesome Moo-tastic Moo for being AWESOME and helping me order my material! I can't wait to get started!

Have a happy Wednesday everyone!

Hee hee! It also happens to be my swim night tonight which might explain why I'm in such a fantastic mood! I'm going to try out my new flippers tonight and I will let you all know how it went tomorrow at some point!


  1. You are such a sweetie for always giving so much loving praise - you might have to hold back a wee bit my head is getting a bit big and I think I might have to start running around like mad just to stay upright! (remember that story of that little martian with the big head - and his leaning posts...could be me soon)

    I will pick up the material today and refrain from peeking in the box (like right, that's going to happen - no no really I won't peek!) and we'll see it together tomorrow!

    Have a great swim tonight! Do you want me around to take some photos?

    Love coming at you,
    Moo-tastic, best Moo around!

  2. Aw! Silly Moo! You deserve it! How many Mums out there support their crazy Mermaid daughters? Hm? Not so many! Remember that little girl at Dragonspace the other day? Not all parents believe in their children as much as you do! Even when the children ARE a little crazy... Hee hee!

    I do totally remember the little martian dude with his head and he had a dog too right?

    Thanks for the super nice offer to come and film, but I'm going to hold off until I feel comfortable in them so I don't end up looking totally ridiculous! Ha ha!

  3. No problem...see you after work tomorrow!