Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fabric Test #2

OK folks! The last test results are in and I can tell you right now that this fabric and this paint are so unbelievably awesome it blows my mind!

I took my painted fabric with me to the pool last night where I proceeded to beat it senseless! Just kidding of course! I did rub it forcefully (while soaking wet) on the super coarse ledge and all over the pool floor. The paint didn't so much as fade! The fabric itself stood up super well too! And don't think I went easy on the fabric, I did my best to try to get paint off so I could see just how much abuse it could take in the pool.

I am super impressed with all of this so far and I am finally ready to take the next step with this process! Woo!


  1. What?!?! No pics???

    Darn. Can't wait to see!

  2. I agree with Rabbit - No pics...gee why do I come by but if not for the visuals!

    Okay Miss CP - I'm glad the little patch of painted fabric withstood your beating and is still alive to be beaten another day!

    I think it's cool that you are doing all this rigorous testing before cutting into the big piece of fabric - smart!

    Let me know what I can to keep my "great assistant" title valid!