Thursday, March 17, 2011

Amazing Fins!

Last night was the most amazing swim I think I've ever had in my tail! My new fins give me such amazing propulsion in the water and allow me to do a much more efficient and effective dolphin kick. Not only that, but they are so comfortable it practically blows my mind! I had no foot cramps and I was still able to wiggle my toes! I am also stunned at the maneuverability I have in the new fins! I can make quick turns and it's much easier to swim in a tight circle!

Even more amazing, a woman came over to ask me where I had bought my tail and was so excited to see me swim! I told her I made my tail myself and that I'm currently working on a new one. I also gave her some tips and tricks for how to make her own! I was so happy to be such an inspiration to someone who also dreams of being one with the water!

I wish her lots of luck and good times on her new mermaid adventure!

All of the breathing exercises I've been doing have also been paying off and I feel I can go longer and farther than I have ever been able to before!

Also! Moo and I are getting together tonight to check out the new material and have a visit! I'm very excited! Everything is really coming together! Now if only I can survive the day of waiting I have ahead of me! Ha ha!

Keep on swimming!

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